One-Man Operation for Loading Up to 400 pounds In & Out of Your Caravan.

With our new Easy Way Lift, one man can load and unload up to 400 pounds of  cargo, equipment, air ambulance stretcher and more! It can pick up the load from a vehicle or the ground, lift to the cargo door and swing it inside the aircraft.

Easy Installation

The lift is secured to four studs installed in the seat tracks, with lock nuts and washers.

Details & Specifications

  • FAA DER Approved Installation
  • 400 LB Lift Capacity
  • Easy Operation – 3 Axis Movement
    • (X) Lift Arm: Extension up to 12 inches
    • (Y) Lift Strap: Over 36 inches of Travel
    • (Z) Lift Rotation: 0 to 270 Degrees – Adjustable
  • Self Contained Power Supply: 12 VDC Rechargeable Battery
  • Two Year Warranty on Lift System (Battery Excluded)

*Lift Accessories Sold Separate

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