EWAS Plus LLC, was created by Larry Theno and Jerry Schroer who, through their more than 75 years of combined experience with the Cessna Caravan, have gained a complete and thorough knowledge of the airplane, its operation, and its many and varied capabilities.  They have also discovered some needs that were not being met, that would lead to more efficient operation of the Caravan, as well as several other aircraft.

EWAS Plus will be exploring these needs and providing solutions that will help aircraft owners or operators maximize the aircraft’s many capabilities.

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Featured Products

Getting On & Off Your Amphib Floats Has Never Been Easier!

Our all-new Easy Way Amphib Steps provide a safe, sturdy, natural way to walk on and off your amphibious floats. 

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One-Man Operation for Loading Up to 400 Pounds In & Out of Your Caravan!

The perfect solution for air ambulance, cargo, large equipment, and more. 

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