Answer: The Caravan’s large, square cabin configuration and it’s rough field landing capability makes it an airplane that can be used almost anywhere to carry almost anything. Transporting freight or a combination of freight and passengers are two of the most popular uses. In many countries, the Caravan is in regular airline service feeding passengers from smaller communities into larger cities. It’s also used by military & police organizations for troop transport, supplies, surveillance, or prisoner transport. The Caravan 675 on floats is used as a commercial airplane or a personal airplane. Want some unusual ones? It’s used by game parks to transport animals, including sedated lions! It’s used to transport baby glass eels (a delicacy in the Far East) to larger tanks where they are grown to eating size. It’s used to haul shrimp in the same type of application. It’s used to deliver the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. The list goes on and on.